Cubana de Aviacion May 18, 2018, 111 Fatalities

Cubana de Aviacion/ Global Aerolineas Damojh Boeing 737-200 had 107 passengers aboard and six crew when it crashed into a residence at these coordinates: (N22.9914 W82.3912). On impact, the plane burst into flames. Emergency services took three survivors to hospitals. 110 people died in the crash, including the Mexican crew. The plane was wet leased from Global Air, owner of the aircraft. As of May 2018, it was undergoing investigation. Mexico’s Ministry of Transport reported a team of specialists of Mexico’s DGAC is going to participate in the investigation of the accident of XA-UHZ belonging to Aerolineas Damojh. The flight originated in Havana and its destination was HolguĂ­n.

#Update: One of the survivors died at the hospital.

Official Report


Interim Report



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