Southwest Airlines Flight 1380, April 17, 2018

Boeing 737-700 registration N772SW was enroute over Bernville, Pennsylvania, when it suffered an engine failure at cruise altitude. Debris entered the fuselage damaging the aircraft, killing one passenger and injuring seven. One woman was nearly sucked from the plane but was rescued by fellow passengers. The plane lost of cabin pressure. The crew safely diverted to Philadelphia International Airport.

Airworthiness Directive 2018-0071 dated Mar 26th 2018 and effective Apr 2nd 2018 reported: “An occurrence was reported of fan blade failure on a CFM56-7B engine. The released fan blade was initially contained by the engine case, but there was subsequent uncontained forward release of debris and separation of the inlet cowl. Preliminary investigation determined that the fracture in the blade initiated from the fan blade dovetail. This condition, if not detected and corrected, could lead to fan blade failure, possibly resulting in uncontained forward release of debris, with consequent damage to the engine and the aeroplane.” The AD requires an ultrasonic inspection of each affected fan blade within 9 months of the AD becoming effective.

NTSB Announcement

NTSB Preliminary Report


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