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British Airways 777-346ER Fire

The NTSB monitoring removal of the engine on Sep 16th 2015 (Photo: NTSB):
A Boeing 777 caught fire on take-off from Las Vegas-McCarran International Airport. All passengers and crew, 157 passengers and 13 crew managed to evacuate after an uncontained engine failure in the number one GE90 engine. Realizing there was a fire, the flight crew aborted take-off by using the aircraft’s brakes at about 90 miles per hour. Takeoff speed is 180 mph. In five minutes the fire was out. Some who were injured in evacuation were treated at Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center. The fire burned a hole in the cargo hold. The Federal Aviation Administration investigation concluded that the fire was caused by failure of the left General Electric GE90 engine. The accident occurred at Las Vegas on Sep 8th 2015.