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Pegasus Airlines Flight 8622, January 13, 2018

Pegasus Airlines Flight 8622, a Boeing 737-800 flying from from Ankara to Trabzon, Turkey skidded off the end of the runway on landing at Trabzon Airport, coming to rest on a cliff.

The aircraft was written off, but there were no injuries. On landing the aircraft veered to the side of the runway where it fell down a steep embankment before it came to rest. All 166 on board survived. some with minor injuries.

On Jan 16th 2018 Trabzon’s Prosecution Office added the captain stated, that the first officer landed the aircraft, the aircraft however did not slow down during roll out. The captain took control of the aircraft and applied brakes, at this time the aircraft veered left, the right hand engine accelerated when the aircraft was already off the left edge of the runway. The aircraft ran over soft ground for some brief moments, then went over the cliff. The first officer reported that the weather was rainy, the runway was wet, the aircraft did not slow down after the wheels touched down. The aircraft veered to the left, the captain took control, the right hand engine accelerated. (Editorial note: there is no official confirmation of a thrust reverser being locked out as rumors on the Internet claim.)

Official Report


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